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I'm Wendy. I like to make crappy cartoons and comic stuff that my talentless brain vomits onto a digital canvas. I like making diabeetus level sugary uwu garbage that includes cutesy OC designs and weird creatures I make. I suck, but I don't give a shit.

Wendy! @Wendigo

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Posted by Wendigo - 2 days ago

IDK who wasted money on me, but your too kind!

You really shoulda spent the money on someone else though...

Posted by Wendigo - 3 days ago

The long self reflection was grand and I am proud of it, but I just wanted to say, for my 21st, I got a huge ass bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red, which is cherry flavored if you never had it. I hadn't had soda in awhile (like, since I was 13), and I don't wanna drink alcohol due to family's issues with it. I gotta say, that shit is GOOD yo.


Posted by Wendigo - 7 days ago

Its Currently October 12th, but my birthday is on October 13th. Here's a little self reflection for my big 21, and a few updates.

I came into this god forbidden planet on October 13th, 2000. It was a full moon night on Friday The 13th, so I am literally the daughter of Satan.

But anyhoo, the past few years for me have been fucked. My retarded mind was not prepared for adulthood, and I kinda just stumbled into life without planning. I was a giant fucking dick the past three years and I caused all of my own problems and I blamed it on everything else, but the only thing that caused all of those issues was myself and my bad decisions. This year, I hope my thick skull becomes more self conscious, and I can enjoy college, a job (after I find one in this shitty COVID world) and my future life learning from this era of my life and trying my best not to repeat it. That's all I can say without inflating it to unreasonable proportions.

But for now, I'm gonna break from art again, and try to improve my shitty Chibi art, instead of flooding the art portal and deleting the last few pics cuz I think I am posting too much of my low quality art. I do that too much, post a few pics I didn't spend a lot of effort on, regret it and delete it so only the stuff I'm kinda proud of is up.

Anyhow, just wanted to check in, peace.


Posted by Wendigo - 2 weeks ago

Where do you all come from, I don't even make good art. I don't even post that much. There's much better people out there with less fans but better content. Go follow them instead.

But anyway, thanks I guess. I promise to post more when my art gets better. I'll leave up my old stuff instead of deleting it like I used to so I can look at how much I improved.


Posted by Wendigo - 1 month ago

It turns out this username wasn't taken, so I took it

Posted by Wendigo - September 9th, 2021

While I am still really busy with college and finding a job, I got a tablet, so all of my future art will look less like shit.


Posted by Wendigo - August 16th, 2021

I'm gonna take a quick break from Newgrounds to focus on College and finding a part time job. Will return sometime later in the year fellas! Sit tight!


Posted by Wendigo - August 3rd, 2021

Hello Newgrounds! I've only made news posts to make really immature shitposts so far, but I decided to use it for real this time.

I just wanted to let you know that I am gonna try to post more things here. I am gonna try to take art much more seriously then I already have. My skills are improving decently and I am trying my best to make my drawings look like not shit, and I'm gonna try my best to make more things like comics and even animations in the movie portal! I am going to try to make full projects with stories and tons of detail. While I am gonna delete my old music for now as I have no interest in making more, I might return to music composing later.